Application Process

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Choose a file to upload or email your application to [email protected]

Payment Options

We collect rent and application fees via one of the preferred electronic methods below. We will also consider any other electronic payment method that does not charge us a fee.
Please use [email protected] for any payment option that requires an email address to send payment.
If you cannot make payments electronically or have any questions please send a note to [email protected].

clearXchange (new)

Integrated with BofA, Chase, PNC, Wells Fargo and others. Send payment using your bank's software or register through the link.


Easy, free and mobile-friendly. Follow the link above to register and send payment.


Established online payment provider offering free payments with linked bank account. Follow link above to use this method.

Square Cash

Newer offering from Square. Free and easy to use but requires a debit card. Follow link to send payment.

RadPad (new)

Free with a debit card, just follow the link and sign up to send payment.